For customers - Terms and conditions supplement for the Curtis Banks SIPP. Inheritable ISA allowance transfer authority (PDF - 34KB). Total number of appointments 4 Date of birth January 1960. You can find the forms in ourDocument libraryby selecting Aegon General Investment Account (GIA) and Application forms. Individual or joint clients first name, surname, date of birth, gender and confirmation of UK residency. Please complete the relevant form below and submit. For financial advisers - Use this form to add a new firm, set up branches and Appointed Representatives, appoint and remove advisers, change of bank details and to request elevated access. We're always on hand to help. Can I carry out transactions online on the Aegon Platform for my clientsReAssure Portfolio Plus Pension or SIPP? For customers - Use this form to transfer a child trust fund into a JISA on the Aegon Platform. For customers - ReAssure terms and conditions supplement for the ReAssure Portfolio Plus Pension and ReAssure Portfolio Plus SIPP. We give all clients a GIA so they can pay their charges from it if they want to. Your client can pay charges from their nominated GIA for: Yes. It lets you If we identify that your client is going to exceed their yearly ISA allowance, well stop collecting regular contributions for that tax year. For financial advisers - This document details the terms and conditions for using the Intelliflo Automated Advice Service. For this, you can switch your client's investment or change their cash top-up method. Yes, please contact Canada Life International directly to arrange this. Use this step-by-step guide to create a model portfolio on the Aegon Platform. Well only ask you this once for each product. You can't make additional contributions to your client's ReAssure Portfolio Plus Pension or SIPP online. For security reasons, the activation code we send you expires after 24 hours. It holds lots of information about your clients, their investments and your business, including: You can find out more about Report Zone and how it could help you and your business in our helpful Report Zone guide. You need to set up the third-party systems before data can be fed through. You can carry out a switch by signing into the Aegon Platform. We use your clients email address for service notifications and to allow clients to manage their accounts. If you've not been able to find what you're looking for, perhaps ourfrequently asked questionswill help, alternatively you cancontact us. Yes, this could. The switch amount will go through assuming theres enough funds in the General Investment Account (GIA) and the amount of the switch doesnt currently go over the yearly ISA allowance. You can cancel a regular contribution online up until two working days before the collection date. Before deciding if you want charges to come out of your clients GIA, you should make sure this is a tax-efficient way to pay charges by taking into consideration the product(s) they have. Yes. Dowgate Wealth Ltd, registered in England number 12221221, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is a member of the London Stock Exchange. Please ask your client to contact usand we can help. Power of attorney and third party CVI (PDF - 155KB). Child Trust Fund to Junior ISA transfer application(PDF - 78KB). Did you know you can transfer in an ISA online. What are the Bulk Data user and admin roles? To request an illustration, complete the illustration request form below. Use this form to specify an instruction to the trustees how they wish their investments to be dealt with on their death. You can top up an existing product online by signing in to the Aegon Platform. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website, please read our Cookie Policy.. Close (esc) For financial advisers - Use this form to top up a General Investment Account (GIA) product on the Aegon Platform. If the advice basis is advised, youll be able to see all the funds that we have determined as suitable for an advised customer, according to the MIFID II data supplied by the fund manager, this will include complex funds. We subtract the total contributions in the current tax year from the allowance set by the government. Withdrawal from an Aegon General Investment Account (GIA) into an Aegon ISA (PDF - 185KB). For customers - Use this form to apply for an Aegon GIA for a company or a partnership. You can't carry outthis transaction online for your clients Cofunds Pension Account. CPA drawdown transfer application form for new clients (PDF - 235kb). Address: Platform Please select the box that applies to you.. Your Unipass certificate may not be registered with your Aegon account. Change of customer details form - Aegon Platform (PDF - 153KB). Use this form to transfer investments from an ISA held with another ISA account manager to the Aegon ISA. However, in this situation please contact your firm administrator to report device unavailable. Can I submit regular monthly contributions for ISAs or GIAs online? Sorry, you cant currently carry out any of these transactionsonline. You can view these online or if you want you can export and print them. Aegon Junior ISA transfer authority(PDF - 59KB). Withdrawal from an Aegon GIA to be paid as an additional permitted subscription into an Aegon ISA (PDF - 66KB). Offering SIPP and SSAS plans, we aim to deliver a first class service at a competitive price, across a wide variety of investment and retirement income solutions. For customers - This guide explains the charges that could apply to your investment with us. No, just use your usual Aegon Platform sign on. For customers - Use this form to allow a JISA investor to change their regular contributions into their JISA. Sign in to the Aegon Platform to set up and manage regular contributions online. For executors and administrators -We've created this guide to help you manage GIAs and ISAs held with us. Find out what you can do online and when you need to send us paper forms. Aegon Platform terms and conditions (PDF - 313KB). AJ Bell Investcentre SIPP Investments Application (pdf), AJ Bell Investcentre SIPP Investments Transfer Application (pdf). If your client's bank does participate in this scheme, your client will be prompted to enter further verification information. Contact ReAssure for all queries relating to your clients ReAssure Portfolio Plus SIPP and ReAssure Portfolio Plus Pension, including cheques for any additional contributions. Find the forms or support literature youre looking for by clicking on the categories below: Please complete our Self-invested Personal Pension illustration data capture form and return it to us and we'll send you the illustration and any relevant forms. Use this form to confirm assets which should be transferred into a Cofunds Pension Account, if completing a transfer in. This is to allow us to reconcile the cheque, once we receive it, with the correct application. Can I carry out regular contribution transactions online for my clients Suffolk LifeAnnuities or Trustees pension? Once we have this, we wont ask you again. Use this form to set up a discretionary trust by the member during their lifetime in anticipation of receiving any pension death benefits from the Cofunds Pension Account. For any other transactions, including withdrawal instructions, you should contact Canada Life International directly. For customers - Use this form to transfer funds into an Aegon General Investment Account (GIA) from another provider. For customers - Use this form to transfer an ISA from another ISA account manager into an Aegon ISA. Once youre signed in to your dashboard, go to your profile page and select the Register Unipass button and follow the steps to register. Assets may not be sold if the funds are suspended. Use thid form to set up a Direct Debit mandate to make regular contributions to their Cofunds Pension Account. Aegon Junior ISA Switch Form (PDF - 45kb). Can I change theDirect Debit details for my clients regular contributions online? Sorry, you cant carry outthis transaction online. Aegon Platform complaints procedure (PDF - 34KB). Please contact Curtis Banks. To find out how to use the updated forms take a look at ourquestions and answers (pdf). You can make changes to an existing fund panel by selecting View and manage fund panels from your dashboard page. Aegon SIPP application requirements (PDF - 165kb). Wed need written confirmation of the change of address signed by all relevant directors/signatories. For investors - Discretionary Trust Deed (PDF - 104KB), For investors - Discretionary Loan Trust deed (PDF - 526KB), Adviser charges payment instruction (PDF - 31KB). You or your client should contact us to tell us that theyve moved abroad. Any income generated will remain in the cash facility of the product and will be used for fees and charges. Can my client pay the initial adviser charge by Direct Debit? Instructions for submission can be found on the form. Contact - Aegon Cofunds. We produce apre- and post-illustration to show how the changes made to the income distribution choice may impact your client's product. We understand this is a difficult time and want to make the next steps as simple as possible. Can I re-register assets from another plan? For regular contribution transactions, please complete and submit theSuffolk Life self-invested pensions regular investment and amendment form. For financial advisers - Use this form to move all or some clients from one adviser to another within the same company. For any other transactions, youll need to contact ReAssure by phone on +44 (0)345 646 0381 (Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. All members of the firm can view and use this but only an authorised individual can change or update this. We'll calculate interest on a daily basis and we'll pay any interest due monthly into your cash facility after deduction of basic rate tax where applicable. Our platform gives you one-stop access to a universe of investment opportunity - to and through retirement. (pdf). Including the appropriate levels of Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protection available. If you continue to have problems accessing Report Zone outside these hours, please contact us. For customers - Use this form to give us authority to proceed with a transfer into an Aegon SIPP. You can set up a panel by selecting Create new fund panel on your dashboard. This could also affect your experience when using our website or online systems, for example, fonts may be different. Contact us. View your client's product summary and select theRegulars tab. For customers - Use this form to switch between investments held within an existing Aegon Junior ISA (JISA) on behalf of a child who is under 18 and living in the UK or on your own behalf if you are the child aged 16 to 18 who has successfully applied to become the registered contact. Contact customer services to unlock your account if youve tried to sign in three or more times. You can add additional people by completing our AegonAsset Transfer form. When you start thetop-up process youll have the option to select Re-register assets from anotherprovider. Paying money into Aegon Platform (PDF - 375KB). For customers - Use this form to transfer collective investments from another provider into an AJ Bell SIPP on the Aegon Platform. Can I make additional contributions to my clients ReAssure Portfolio Plus Pension or SIPP online? Contact via email: [email protected] Contact via phone: +31 70 344 3210. Use this form to verify the identity of a private individual in relation to a Cofunds Pension Account application. Our trust range for use with a general investment account. Contact us. You can access Report Zone from your dashboard. Aegon UK phone number: 03456 081 680 For customers - Use this form to transfer to another registered pension scheme from your Aegon SIPP. The maximum your client can pay by debit card is49,999.99. Use this form to transfer a Cofunds Pension Account product to another pension provider. Wed need a new application for a joint GIA. Yes, you can carry out a switch online from the Client summary. This Loan Agreement is presented as a draft only. Training and resources Your client can take regular withdrawals if theyre only invested in accumulation funds. Aegon's existing platform and Cofunds have limited overlap in terms of distribution. Together with the combined product strengths this represents an opportunity for revenue synergies from cross-selling. Furthermore, Aegon secured a distribution deal with Nationwide for investment products. 2 Details of attorney or court appointed person Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Other - please specify Permanent residential or company address - as applicable Postcode Child Trust Fund to Aegon Junior ISA transfer authority (PDF - 165kb). If your client's bank details have changed and they want to update where theDirect Debit is taken from, they can contact usto update their bank details. If you've completed the request, you'll need to carry out a new request by selecting Manage income from funds on the product summary screen. If required, please remember to include supporting documentation. Can I carry out a switch online for my client's ReAssure Portfolio Plus Pension or SIPP? Use this form to verify a marriage certificate in relation to a Cofunds Pension Account application. You can't carry out these transactions online. No. Select More options on your client's product summary and then select Drawdown. We make the payment by BACS or faster payments. The percentage of the investment your client would like to invest in each of these funds. If someone does this, from then on they're subject to a lower annual allowance threshold for new money purchase savings into their pension(s). For financial advisers - Use this form to confirm identities of third parties connected to a customer who may be paying into a product. Telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. Your client wont make any investment losses or gains. Select the Try again option next to the illustration on the documents screen. If your firm/DFM administrator isn't able to help you, you can contact us. CPA capped drawdown application (PDF - 127KB). Rocketreach finds email, phone & social media for 450M+ professionals. We'll apply any base rate changes within one working day. For customers - Use this form to confirm the details of an individual for tax purposes. The UKs leading Open Documents and Data platform. Some days this may take a little longer so you could try and access Report Zone later if youre unable to get in. For added security following the reset, youll have 24 hours to do this before your account is locked. For customers - Use this form to set up a direct debit to pay charges from your General Investment Account only. Youll need to contact ReAssure to do this. If you client is already taking, or wants to take, regular withdrawals they have to set their income distribution option as leave in cash. You need to give them additional access for 'Firm administrator' and 'Portfolio manager'. Yes, your client can move assets held within their GIA to their ISA. Can I change my clientsDirect Debit details online for payment of charges? Why have you asked me to provide a bank statement? View your client's product summary and select Regulars tab. Alternatively, you can email them at or write to them at the following address: Can I top up my clients ISA or GIA by re-registering assets from another provider? You can contact ReAssure by phone on +44 (0)345 646 0381 (Monday to Friday 9:00am 5:00pm. Yorsipp is a specialised SIPP provider offering clients bespoke investment solutions, with a focus on diversity, flexibility, and range. If there isnt enough money in the products cash facility to make the payment and your client hasnt nominated a specific investment to sell down, well sell down the largest investment within the product. SIPP in-specie transfer Aegon SIPP drawdown to drawdown transfer form (PDF - 668KB). Meet Legado. For financial advisers - Use this form to verify the identity of any private or non-personal customer. Bulk Data admin (if linked to a financial adviser with firm or branch access). For example, if you create an 'Adviser' role but also want them to carry out 'Firm administrator' and 'Portfolio manager' permissions - then the primary role for the user would be 'Adviser'. No. Yes. Yes. It's easy to use and works with your business, saving you time and money while supporting client relationships. You can contact ReAssure by phone on +44 (0)345 646 0381 (Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm. There may be occasions where we require this, if this is the case, well get in touch with you or your client for this. Get Jennifer Burns's email address (j***** and phone number at RocketReach. For this reason, we switch off auto-rebalancing. Cofunds Pension Account additional contribution form (for existing clients) (pdf), Cofunds Pension Account Investment by direct debit - regular contributions (pdf). CPA birth certificate verfication (PDF - 52KB). Model portfolios allow you to design a panel of funds based on your client's needs. Q2 2019 - Researched fund panel for the Aegon website (by IA sector) (PDF - 85kb), Q2 2019 - Aegon researched fund panel update (PDF - 68kb), Researched fund panel update prepared by Morningstar, Q1 2019 - Researched fund panel for the Aegon website (by IA sector) (PDF - 61kb), Q1 2019 - Aegon researched fund panel update (PDF - 83kb), Q4 2018 - Researched fund panel for the Aegon website (by IA sector) (PDF - 101kb), Q4 2018 - Aegon researched fund panel update (PDF - 63kb), Q3 2018 - Researched fund panel for the Aegon website (by IA sector) (PDF - 57kb), Q3 2018 - Aegon researched fund panel update (PDF - 53kb), Key features of the Aegon ISA (PDF - 251KB). Cofunds Pension Account Investment by Direct Debit - Regular Contributions (pdf). Ive lost or broken my mobile and dont have any alternative devices for sign in verification, how can I sign in? You can't carry outthese transactions online. If your firm administrator cant help you, please contact us using webchat. For more information, see our How to switch funds guide. Address: Aegon and Scottish Equitable Pensions and Bonds Complaints Team, Aegon, Edinburgh Park, Edinburgh, EH12 9SE What assumptions do you make for a dependent's pension? Registered address: 15 Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1BW 15 Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1BW Phone: +44 (0)20 3416 9143 Email: Fund Characteristics: Sorry, you're not able to carry out any transactions online for your client's Cofunds Pension Account. Here are some suggestions: There are exceptions to this such as the first time you submit a debit card payment from a device or location how this is triggered is down to each bank or building societys rules, so it may vary for each client. If you notice when you're viewing the summary and documents screen during the request, you can use the back button and change it on the options screen. 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