\n\n\n. Like all Argonians, he is immune to poison, has a resistance to disease, and can breathe underwater; otherwise he knows no spells. If you do have any troubles, make use of the Redguard's Adrenaline Rush power, and knock those rats up-something-vicious. ">> A hint before you click for the answer: Did you try using Julan's telepathy ring, after he vanished?\n<>\n\nAfter you've received the Moon and Star from Azura, and tracked Julan down again, he will ask you about your being Nerevarine. Does it alter the Main Quest? Thank you to Mercurybard, for writing stories of Dak and Jiub, and making me realise Morrowind needed more Dunmer companions. Nothing major!) BeautyShop) You can use Merged Objects in [[TESTool|http://mw.modhistory.com/download-13-5234]] to combine changed from different mods so they both show up ingame.\n\nOnce the guar are dealt with, one way or another, follow Sen's instruction to fetch the other herders.\n\nThe walk to Ald Daedroth should be simpler, as all the guar and herders should warp behind you now, so hopefully they won't get lost on the way.\n\nThey will tell you to stop outside Ald Daedroth, and you can return to Sinnammu. Renfield, directed by Chris McKay, arrives in theaters on April 14, 2023. It is not a Mission to do, it is a Mission to enter in. Speak with Eydis Fire Eyes about another order, and she'll ask you to retrieve a Code Book from Sottilde in the South Wall Corner Club. Agree to help him out, and find that Festering Witch. And thanks, of course, to Bethesda for Morrowind! If you did not notice there is a bookshelf behind him. No, I'm not going to tell you exactly what happens (it's different, depending on how you react), but if you don't like it, it's entirely your own doing. If you use this, be aware that while they are in the middle of moving, they go out of follow mode for a few seconds. \n\nI'm happy to be consulted on any translation issues you may encounter, but once the mod is released, you will have to take responsibility for answering all questions and technical issues regarding the translated mod.\n\nI understand there is already a Russian translation of v1.3 over at [[fullrest.ru|http://www.fullrest.ru/]], but I've had no involvement in it after giving my permission. If you're not sure if it's that, try checking Ghostgate that a second copy of Julan hasn't appeared. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Guarded Ghostgate To get to Caldera, you'll probably want to have the Mages Guild teleport you, and thankfully, the local Mages Guild is right next to the Fighters Guild in Balmora. Huge thanks to everyone who helped with testing, including: lnelson, theskymoves, fragmentaryhorcrux, feneroe, arynethx, Charles Brandt, Tim, Emma, Hand of Sotha, Riptide, saber, Christianne, Dimitri, Phoniex, Apophis2412, Ohoyo Tashka, Ramira and fireseed. Companion share, warping, teleportation - the usual stuff to make him a help rather than a hindrance. Do NOT use Merged Dialogues, it will probably break it. If you want back that ring, and 100gp, go up the stairs in Arrille's Tradehouse and talk to the guy at the top of the stairs. - Takes healing, magicka, cure poison and cure paralysis potions automatically, and can keep himself healed on his own, with potions or spells, unless he runs out of everything. If you are convinced you can take it on, feel free to [[contact me|ContactMe]]. How about queer romance? Here is a map showing where the lost guar are:\n\n[img[http://fallingawkwardly.com/files/images/screenshots/morrowind/lostguar.jpg]]\n\nSpeak to them with Julan nearby to have them follow you.\n\nYes, they can be tricky to lead. Some of them require that you've had other non-romance conversations first, and some of these require that Julan is present. by Loriel 16 Jun 2018, 23:06, Post <><><><>, First go and try the door of Mashti's yurt. No guarantees, like I said, I'd reload an older save! Currently at the stage where I found the clothier, Bevene Releth, in Ald'ruhn who told me Fedura had come through to find "Julan's tooth" and take it on a mission. How do I [[romance Julan? - Regan for the papoose mesh Extensive work has been done to ensure that this area is as complete and accurate as possible. Don't console-cheat your way through a section of the Main Quest you think is stuck, it's possible it's supposed to be blocked at that point! Julan has some new dialogue for characters using Princess Stomper's Royal - Julan's face is a mixture of faces by Lizardo and Westly, reworked by me. You can tell Sen you lost them if you like. Activate a bed (or use the "rest" option in the wilderness if you're some kind of //savage//) and then use your imagination, because Morrowind does not have the animations for that. Many items are by other people, and aren't mine to grant permission over.\n\nI'm not sure what anyone might want to reuse, apart from scripts. Julan, so do take precautions! unofficial expansion/add-on for Rin's BeautyShop (also called Louis Report Kai Kosadesu. 5. Looks like he's still buried in neuroses. "+rname),cannext,canprev,i,ind,r,fl;\nfor(i=0;i0):(ind2-1){enableLink(l);\nreturn}var rall=document.querySelectorAll(".passage [data-flavour]. First of all, thank you to Emma for all her help and support, and for hosting Julan on her site. Looking around, you'll see the Limeware Platter - it's worth 650 gold, and at this point in the game, it's worth it. Add the following line anywhere under the [General] section: AllowYesToAll=1 3. And if you're not content with the gear you've got, head to Arrille's Tradehouse. However, you will need to use the companion-call spell to call him to you after travelling via propylon, or to Mournhold, because his normal travel scripts get turned off.\n\n, Doubling of NPCs usually happens when you change the order of mods in your load list, the reload a save that expected the previous order. Mountainous Red Mountain Both Julan and Shani can be romanced by either gender, and Shani has a proper romance now well, as "romantic" as she gets, anyway. Did she do a similarly-named companion mod? You can do this by completing her request that you kill the other outcasts, and by using the "thoughtful gift" topic to give her rare ingredients.\n\nOnce she tells you about "story of an outcast" and "made me an exile", you can go and ask the Urshilaku about her later, once they make you Clanfriend. If you train him once in any skill, his training script ought to reset his skills to their higher levels. "+rname),ret=false;\nfor(var i=0;i-1),fl=r.getAttribute("data-flavour"),rc=r.childNodes,cyc=(fl=="cycle"),rcl=rc.length-1;\nfunction doToGainerSpans(n,fn){for(var k=n-1;k>=0;k--){if(rc[k+1].classList.contains("gains")){fn(rc[k],notrans)\n}else{break}}}for(var k=0;k<=rcl;k++){if(rc[k].getAttribute("data-enabled")=="true"){ind=k}}if(rev){ind-=1\n}curr=(ind>=0?rc[ind]:(cyc?rc[rcl]:null));ind2=ind;if(rnd){ind2=(ind+(Math.floor(Math.random()*rcl)))%rcl\n}next=((ind2